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What is Creative Movement?


* Creative Movement , for 3 year olds, is dance in early elementary education. It is designed to introduce children to:

* Non-locomotive skills, Rhythmic skills, Locomotive skills
Gross Motor skills
These skills are explored through the use of several musical styles, imagery, stories, and songs.


*Gentle flexibility and strengthening exercises are done sitting on the floor, and are made fun and enjoyable by imagery.
Children are helped to perform these movements in the most natural and correct fashion.


*Good listening skills, manners, and following directions are emphasized in each class in an atmosphere that is informal, flexible, playful, and satisfying to the children.


What is Pre-Ballet?


Pre-Ballet, for four year olds, incorporates all of the skills and activities from Creative Movement, but on a higher, age-appropriate level. Children will also begin to learn the most basic ballet positions and steps and their French terms.


Creative Movement and Pre-Ballet students will perform their end of the year performance in the studio.


What is Ballet 1A & 1B


*Ballet 1A, formerly called Pre-Ballet 5,
isfor5 year olds
and will combine the skills of Pre-Ballet and Ballet 1.


*Ballet 1B is for 6 year olds and is an advanced continuation of Ballet 1A. All students who have completed Ballet 1A will then move on to Ballet 1B.


*Ballet 1A and Ballet 1B students will perform in the annual Spring Performance with the rest of the student body.

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